Christmas 2009

Didn’t we just do a Christmas letter a few months ago?  Time is moving faster and faster.  I wonder where it is going?

The year began with excitement in the family; both our daughter-in-law Juli and our grandson Zack won their first degree black belts in karate in January.

That was a big achievement.  Juli is now teaching karate to children.  Zack, who will be 12 on Christmas Day, started karate when he was five years old.  Our son Scott, husband and father to the above, has now taken up karate as well.  He says he is tired of getting beat up by the members of his family.

Spring was beautiful this year.

As was summer. 

The big excitement in August was to go see our eight year old granddaughter Paige be part of a town recreation department production of a musical based on ‘Beauty and the Beast’.  Paige was in the chorus. 

This was Paige’s first real experience with lipstick and she loved it.  She is a little girl no longer.  We enjoyed the performance and saw it both nights.

Our daughter Kristin taught a course as part of her work as an academic counselor at IUPUI.  She has been there several years now.  She and her husband Warren get the opportunity to baby sit Warren’s grandson Aiden, which they all enjoy. 

Aiden is a bright and happy three year old and a lot of fun to be with.  Ellie and Barry have sat with him as well.

Barry’s mother Clara is now 93 and still in a dementia unit.  The unit is very pleasant and a real home.  Here she is with Barry’s brother Rob, visiting from Maine.

She often can’t find the words but you know what she is feeling.  One time she said ‘I don’t know what I know.’  Rather profound when you think about it.

Our friend Joyce had been living with us for a year or so and she decided to go back to Downers Grove IL.  Her house there didn’t sell and this way she could make sure it stays in good shape.  She took her dogs Powder (White German Shepherd) and Jazz (Bichon) with her.

This broke up the dog pack (Powder, Jazz, Prince and Tuck).  Prince and Tuck miss their friends.

Our dogs do not sleep on the bed at night, but they often keep it warm during the day.

This autumn Barry took up blogging as a way of focusing his work in photography and spirituality.  In his view, each nourishes the other and both are on a continuing journey.

Ellie continues with her quilting, making quilts for mothers and new borns who can’t afford much for themselves.  She also does quilts for family and friends.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any pictures of her work this year.  Time is just passing by too quickly.

And here we are in winter again.

We hope your year has been good and that next year will be as good or better.  Let us hear from you.  Our email addresses are: and and of course you can reach Barry through comments on this blog –  While you are here, you might like to see some of the blog posts.  You can do that by clicking on ‘Home’ at the top left of the screen.

We’ll leave you with hope for the spring.

With love,

Barry and Ellie Lively


21 thoughts on “Christmas 2009

  1. What wonderful visual extravaganza! I loved not only the letter but all the beautiful pictures (as always). Unfortunately, you can only expect a card (with a picture I did not take) and a note from us.

    Merry Christmas to both you and Ellie.

    Robin and George

    • Thanks for sharing your holiday greetings in such a rich visual format. Stunning photographs of family and nature. Truly professional in appearance.

      Happy New Year.

      BUrke and Judy

  2. Ahhhh! But I wanted to hear Barry sing!!!

    Barry’s Cousin Jane tells me that he is the Pavarotti of the midwest…or something.

    Great format here. It certainly is a wonderful time capsule and a step out of the onward rush of the year.

    Thanks Barry N Ellie!

    • Thanks, Nancy. Let’s go with ‘or something’ in the singing department.

      Barry ________________________________________ This then, is salvation: to marvel at the beauty of created things and to marvel at the beauty of their Creator. Meister Eckhart

  3. Barry & Ellie,

    You both have become good friends this year and I am very proud and glad to know you both. Thank you for bringing this to us all!

    • Thanks, Annie. You mean a lot to us and everyone at Church of the Saviour.

      Barry ________________________________________ This then, is salvation: to marvel at the beauty of created things and to marvel at the beauty of their Creator. Meister Eckhart

  4. Merry Christmas Ellie & Barry,

    Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts. Your family is beautiful, humans as well as canines!

    Jim, Carol, Lindsay & Shelby Adams

  5. Merry Christmas Mr. & Mrs. Lively,
    I want to thank you for sharing your letter and beautiful photos with my family. I hope the upcoming new year, brings you both happiness and contentment. Know you all are always in my thoughts and prayers and I am truly blessed to have you as my church family!

    Love and Blessings,

    Tiffany, Christopher and Dianne Williams

  6. Great way for a Christmas letter!! Thanks so much for sharing. I’d like to be able to learn how to put pictures in my emails at a small size like that. I’m sure I probably sent you a pic or 2 of my 80th celebration in NYC with family. Yes, even with my small activity these days, the days go by before I know it!! Merry Christmas & happy, healthy 2010.

  7. Dear Ellie & Barry
    What a visual delight. We feel you have shared with us your inner spirit! We love the dog pics, but missed seeing you two.
    Have a blessed Christmas.

  8. Barry and Ellie:

    Good to hear from you. Our best Christmas gift this year, so far, is NOT hearing Barry sing! (I couldn’t resist that one). Your “greeting” was excellent. We have 11 of our 13 here and for the next week. Lots going on upstairs and down and the 5 grandkids all get along well.

    Thanks for the greeting.

    Tom and Gio

  9. That is quite the loveliest holiday greeting I’ve received. As has already been said, it’s so very spiritual and warm.

    We wish you both a wonderful Xmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

    Very best

    Freddie and Anne

  10. Barry and Ellie: Thanks for the delightful letter, and for sharing meaningful glimpses of your life and family with us. Merry Christmas! Norm and Brenda Campbell

  11. Barry…

    I loved your blog/Christmas letter. Read it from top to bottom. Great pics and now I feel like I know your family as well as you.

    I’ve been surfing the web tonight – looking at different blogs and have been thinking, maybe I should start one, too. I have one that I keep up for my parents so their friends can know how they are, but maybe I need an “Audi Blog.”

    Best wishes to you for a wonderful Christmas. May the Peace of His presence be with you at Christmas and through the year.


  12. Barry,

    Beautiful picture extravaganza & loved the Christmas letter. Thanks for sharing & you & your family have a Merry Christmas.

    Ron & Sue

  13. Hello, Barry and Ellie, form a freezing cold and snowy UK. This is unusual Christmas weather for us, and the whole country has become gridlocked, so that our daughter and two baby grandchildren have not so far been able to get to us from Scotland. We treasure the memories and pictures from last autumn in Maine, and have been delighted by those in your blog, along with the news of your family. We wish you a very merry Christmas and every happiness in the New Year
    Stephen and Beryl

  14. Dear Barry,
    I was visiting with Jimmy and Cheryl and was able to view your Blog. The pictures were very nice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and to Clarabelle too!!
    I was so happy to see their gorgeous home and hope to come back this summer when all the cousins are visiting. I’m leaving Pittsburgh this evening at 15 degrees to my nice warm Pawleys Island!

    Love to all,
    Aunt Gracie

  15. Dear Barry and Ellie,
    Better late than never? Just now read your Christmas, 2009 blog. How lovely to read it at my leisure, away from the Christmas scramble. Belated holiday greetings to you both!

    I am struck by the beauty of the photography on your blog….as well as your thoughts about the relationship between art and spirituality. Quite inspiring. Our very best to you both in 2010.

    Warm regards,
    Elizabeth (and Kirk) Emmert

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