No herons for you today, would you take some nice Canada geese?

Becky and I went over to Fort Harrison State Park this morning.   I wanted to see how the trees were starting to come out across Lake Delaware.  I had taken a similar shot a couple of days ago and this time of year, things change pretty quickly.  That earlier shot was included in my last post.

The trees are starting to turn green and I was glad to be there to record it.  As I was setting up for this shot I was showing Becky where the heron was that I wrote about last time.  It had come in from the left and swept across right in front of me.  But because of the camera settings I had forgotten about, I blew the shot.  As I was talking she was nodding rather vigorously and when I was through she said a heron had just flown behind me.  This was April 2, not April 1.  She was telling the truth.    OK, I can be philosophical about these things but then Mother Nature rubbed it in.  She gave me Canada geese.

There was a nesting pair across Fall Creek and why not get a shot of them?

The nesting pair attracted others and we counted nine geese.  There were probably more.  They were everywhere.

The occasional Canada goose is nice but I’m holding out for the heron.  Next time I’ll be ready.  Unless she (or he) is readier.


4 thoughts on “No herons for you today, would you take some nice Canada geese?

  1. I am envious that you get to go out and find these wonderful shots. Can’t wait for some time off to try some myself!

  2. Beautiful.. what a nice morning at the park. I of course went the other direction and was playing with my tripod to see how low it would go and shooting the newest signs of spring. Little wildflowers…will post for you to see.

  3. Haven’t gotten out yet, very envious that you and Becky can make the time…..spoke to a neighbor that lives on a nature preserve here by Cicero and he said the herons come in March and leave in October…so be on your game (so to speak)!

    Love the peacefulness of the b/w trees in the reflection..

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