Tiny moments

One of my friends suggested that a small group of us go to a place in the country she knew to do some shooting Sunday evening.  This place belongs to one of her other friends.  If hot, it was a lovely evening and there were plenty of good opportunities for photography.

The setting was excellent.  One could spend a long time shooting here.   But there was also something rather subtle – subtle in the sense of our probably not noticing it  because we weren’t really paying attention – going on.  The light was constantly shifting.  There was a breeze and the play of light on the leaves was just that, play.  The image above is one of four taken over a period of two seconds but this one stood out as better than the others because it showed the light to best advantage.  The light and the subject offered a lesson if we would simply pay attention.  They were giving us choices, each delivered in a tiny moment.

Steve, the fellow we were visiting, kept urging us to hang on until the sun was setting.  No guarantees but it should be good.  Some of us hung on.  It was hot, the mosquitoes were enthusiastic but Steve spoke with conviction.

Again, one of those images of a moment.  I don’t want to leave the impression that I confidently waited and spotted the right moment and pressed the shutter button just once.  This was number six of 14 shots.

Other times and places.  Moving water is constantly changing patterns.  One could shoot for hours and not get the same image twice.  All tiny moments, this one on Fall Creek.

And this one on the White River.

I think that is part of the attraction of photography.

We know each moment is tiny, very tiny, and we want to capture some trace of some of them.  Keep shooting.

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