Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis

Members of the camera club participated in a world wide photo walk a few weeks ago.  It was brisk when we got started at 9:30 but it warmed up after a bit.

We worked in the Massachusetts Avenue area of Indianapolis, a historic area with many artists.  A lot of the images I have here were created by combining images shot at different exposures (High Dynamic Range or HDR).  High saturation, which is often a part of HDR images,  just seemed the right thing to include with many of them.

It was a go-go kind of morning.

I liked seeing these three kinds of architecture together.

Indianapolis Fire Department Station 7.

At the Indianapolis Fire Museum up the street from the fire station.

Many years ago, when I first started working at AT&T’s Bell Laboratories in Holmdel NJ, I worked on automating Directory Assistance.  I learned that the DA offices often served areas far removed from their physical location.  A few years after we moved to Indianapolis, my wife and I started going to the Agio Restaurant.  It moved around some in those early years and when we stopped by at the last known location, it was dark on a Friday night.  Moved again, but where?  I called Directory Assistance and asked for the number for Agio and the operator replied “I was by there the other night and it was dark.  I guess they moved.”  Not the answer I expected.  I’m glad to know where it is now, it’s a good restaurant.

Mass Ave.  An excellent place to go with a camera.


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