Autumn 3


like flowing glass
water tumbles over rocks
and leaves no shards


11 thoughts on “Autumn 3

  1. Really like how you direct the movement from top left to bottom right; learned recently this is the Baroque diagonal. A great example of how to crop a photograph.

    Of course, I’m sure you have a very good camera :).

  2. Another fine projective image. I see many things here, and the beginnings of many stories. For me, that’s a defining characteristic of art.

  3. HI Barry,

    Just started to have a look at your work again; lost touch with it and you and Ellie, but looking forward to seeing you next week to catch up,, even if around very sad circumstances.

    The energy and bold colors, and the painterly quality to this photo are very forceful. Delightfully in the tradition of abstract realism.

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