On the coast of Maine



6 thoughts on “On the coast of Maine

  1. Barry,

    Do you know the virtual Museum of Computer Art? Here’s the link.


    I’m enjoying your various images, and the painterly one today especially, made me think of MOCA

    I’m now preparing some images for a solo show next April at Gallery Framing in Brunswick. Might you have time for making a few comments? I’d just like a read from an expert on what I’m doing. Nothing extensive: a yes, no, maybe for each image (around 20) would be very helpful. I’ve already gotten similar from Judy, who has an exceptional eye for design and composition. She suggested that maybe you would be willing to do that, too. I could send you my artist’s statement for the show, which sets the theme, and the images in jpg format.

    The service for Jim was beautiful and uplifting, and packed with friends, colleagues, family, and admirers. The children restricted themselves to memories that were humorous and lovingly respectful.

    Hope to see you and Ellie in Maine sometime.


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