Adams Mill

Our Photoventure Camera Club went on a field trip yesterday.  The site was Adams Mill, constructed in 1845.  Originally a mill specializing in cake flour, it is now a museum, for the most part exhibiting old equipment and tools.   Here is a sausage stuffer.

The mill was a center for all sorts of activity beyond commercial milling.  It housed a post office and was apparently used as a church and place for meetings of many kinds .

This was probably an early ‘all purpose room’.

If people are getting together entertainment is going to be part of it.  The upside down box under the checker board was likely delivered in the late 19th or early 20th century.  Tanglefoot is the name of a fly paper.   The Tanglefoot company is still in existence.

The words ‘apparently’, ‘probably’ and ‘likely’ are important here because we, or at least I, don’t really know the stories behind these items.  There is a lot of mystery about the place.

About 12 of us went on this trip and we can be sure there were 12 different photographic interpretations of Adams Mill.

I find it interesting that if I had come into this place without a camera I would have stayed for perhaps 15 minutes and moved on.  But with a camera I, and many of the others on the trip, could have stayed for a couple of days.  That’s the way it is with photography.  For its enthusiasts.