Off to shoot buffalo (or bison, whichever you prefer)

Sally had learned of English’s Buffalo Farm west of Bainbridge IN and we went there this morning.  Arriving in the area before our appointment, we wandered around.  Here was a prototypic Indiana farm with a well kept barn and a basketball hoop.

We arrived at the buffalo farm right on time and went out to the pasture where the adults are kept.  We rode out with the owner on a Ranger vehicle.  This is an open vehicle that will seat about six or seven people.  It has neither sides nor roof and is excellent as a platform for photography.  We were warned to stay in the Ranger; buffalo are unpredictable and not our friends.  This is not a petting zoo.

This is the number one bull who weighs in at nearly a ton.  He can run at a speed up to 30 miles an hour and turn on a dime.  Very impressive.  We spent about half an hour in the pasture and then were on our way back to Bainbridge and lunch at the Bonton Cafe.  After lunch we stopped at a derelict house we have admired on other occasions.

I don’t know what it is about buildings in this kind of shape but they draw photographers more than buildings that might appear in House Beautiful.

Windows seem especially interesting.

Perhaps it is time to organize a field trip for our photography club designed around visiting abandoned buildings.