Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Several members of our camera club went down to the Red River Gorge a few weeks ago.  We had beautiful weather and many of the leaves were still on the trees.

If the weather had been like that of the previous week – rain, rain and more rain – we might have spent a lot of time indoors playing checkers or something.  But the weather was a gift.

I don’t think this fellow caught anything but then I don’t think he cared.

We spend a lot of moments thinking about the future or the past.  With a scene like this there is a strong call to stay right here in the present.

I’m ready to go again.

Don’t expect too much

I find that it is best not to expect too much when I go out to shoot.  It narrows the focus and I almost never see exactly what I had hoped to see. 
I had gone out to shoot the emerging berries and ended up shooting mainly the leaves.  That was the other day and this is all I have to show for it.

Today was different.  I had no expectations and it was a more satisfying day.

Those are insects in there.  It went down to 23 degrees last night, the first hard frost of the year.  They may have survived.

The last three shots were done outside an orthopedic veterinarian’s office in Franklin.  I had driven a friend and her dog down there.  The dog, 12 years old, had torn a cruciate ligament chasing school buses (inside a fence while the buses were on the street).  She won’t be doing that anymore but the other day the dog went for a ride, saw a school bus from in the car and barked at it.  So now she has a car and a driver, no more running after the buses.

Today the berries look fine but the leaves are wilted.

And then there is this shot, entirely unexpected:

I guess that is what wondering is all about.  If I only saw what I expected to see, what would there be to wonder about?