Seems like a day for Impressionism

It’s snowing.  I’ll probably go out later today to do some shooting but right now I’ve been looking at older images and applying an Impressionist effect to them with Corel Painter Essentials and Photoshop.

I’m not pining for summertime even with two inches of ice on the ground, and more importantly, ice piled on the roof and in the gutters.  Also, we’ll be getting two to four inches of snow today.  But for some reason, Impressionism, which I normally associate with warm weather, seems the order of the day.

In keeping with the season, the above shot was made in early January.

The season in these images is pretty obvious.


I don’t think Monet would eat his heart out after seeing this one unless he felt in some way responsible for it.

I know this one is over the top but I still like it.  Time to go get cold.