Rescued dogs

This past weekend we visited our son and his family.  They had adopted a German shepherd puppy a few months back and it was time for us to visit Axl.  His mother is a white shepherd and his father most likely a black and tan.  White shepherds have especially large ears as you can see with Axl.  If he were running into a headwind, it would be a good idea to trim his sails; he’d probably pick up three or four miles an hour.

Axl was one of nine puppies that Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue had taken in.  Well that’s not quite accurate;  they took in his mom who was pregnant. Axl and his brothers and sisters came along shortly after that.

We had lost our dog in the mid ’90’s and were dogless for a long time.  But then our friend Joyce, president of Echo Dogs, visited us with Powder, a white GS who had been rescued from a puppy mill and who was down to 43 pounds before she was saved.  Powder made quite an impression on that and many later visits, some at our house and some at Joyce’s in Downers Grove, IL.  At Joyce’s, Joyce would sleep in her bedroom with Powder and another dog, Jazz; my wife Ellie slept in the guest bedroom and I slept on the couch in the living room (it is rumored that I snore).  All these rooms are close together.  When Joyce would get up in the middle of the night, Powder would visit her good friend Barry on the couch.  This would be around 3:00 AM.  I would wake up with a very earnest nose about two inches from mine and Powder would be telling me that we needed a dog too, preferably a white shepherd, and more preferably, one that was up for adoption.

For one reason or another, we ended up getting Prince from a breeder but he was bored after a year or so and we got him a brother who was a white GS rescue.  This is Prince (on the ground) meeting Tuck for the first time.

So we have followed Powder’s recommendations in two generations of our family.  Ellie and I have Prince and Tuck while our son and his family have Axl.  And we still have our friend Powder.

If you are looking for a dog, please consider your local rescue organizations.  They have some great companions for you.